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House extension

4 essential things to know before you make your house extension plan a reality!

Often people require house extensions to make more space for many different purposes. House extension services are needed so that there is more space to put things without tampering with the existing structures space. A home extension can be constructed for adding a garage, an extra room, room for the kids, storerooms and various other purposes.

Here are some tips to make a successful extension of your house.

• Extensions of the home can be categorised under the activity of house conversions. Though there are various kinds of house conversions that can be done, like adding a loft room, changing the type of flooring or ceiling, an extension is also one type of conversion. For example, a 2 bedroomed house being converted into a 3-bedroom one.

• The extension can be done vertically or horizontally depending on the area where you are working, the requirements and the available space. If you can choose one among both the options, you must think and choose the right one.

• House extensions require certain permits from certain departments, and you need to ensure that you have got all the required permissions if it is necessary.

• Some extensions are temporary and can be undone; some are permanent which cannot be changed, so it is required to make an appropriate decision properly before you execute your plan of a house extension.

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